5 Best Christmas Vacations for Families

Christmas vacations

Looking for the best Christmas vacations for families? There’s no lack of choices when it comes to choosing holiday destinations, but when it comes down to it these five points stand as top choices to visit with your family. 

Let’s understand in detail:

Top 5 list of Best Christmas Vacations for Families To Choose From:

1. Christmas Carnival festival in the Goa

A Christmas market in Goa is the epitome of festive spirit. The sight of countless booths selling all kinds of gifts amidst a backdrop of jazzy tunes and beautifully crafted goods makes for an outstanding family vacation. 

A midnight mass celebrated by the people of Goa every year is one of the best festivals to attend with family. Since it is held at a small place, people gather at close quarters in groups of from five to ten persons. After the gospel reading, the participants form a ring or lagoon around the altar and splash holy water around it. 

2. Budapest Christmas Fair

The best way to enjoy a family Christmas is to visit Budapest’s annual Christmas Fair. Thousands of booths offering every type of entertainment imaginable – from traditional stalls with reindeer and gingerbread to modern ice palaces brimming with brilliant lights and musical shows. Breath-taking views of Budapest’s historic Orakogýrug Hill and Viktor Vargas Statue ensure that you will not be short on sights to see.

If you want to spend time with family and friends in Budapest this Christmas, the most efficient way to do it is by taking advantage of the many free attractions offered medieval, Christian, Greco-Roman/Byzantine, arts and crafts, traditional Hungarian food and drink, and much more.

3. Snowy trip to New York City

One of the best things about New York City is that you can take family members on several unforgettable holiday excursions. If you have children under the age of 10, there’s a special Christmas tree lighting ceremony for them at Rockefeller Centre on December 24th.

Rockefeller Centre has a much more majestic sight to see: the lights of hundreds of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues twinkling on the roof. The holiday spirit shines through when visitors from around the world gather at this tree-lighting ceremony, an occasion that also serves as an opportunity to exchange gifts and pledge loyalty to their favourite local businesses. 

4. Winter Wonderland London

Going on holiday this Christmas will be an exciting and unforgettable experience for your family. From medieval castles to modern art galleries and holiday markets, it has something for everyone.

The capital of England’s creative culture is at its best during the Christmas holiday period. And although most people will want to make the most of their days off, there are some activities you can do in London on a day off without leaving the UK – either because you are visiting or living in the UK. The creative industries in London are thriving during this period as people celebrated the birth of Christopher’s.

5. Christmas in Ice

When it comes to the best winter vacations to take advantage of, there’s no denying it: the North Pole. Located in the Canadian Arctic Circle, this city has it all: snow-capped mountains, breath-taking scenery, and a sense of timelessness.

A trip to Alaska can make a family happy. The state offers opportunities for skiing, hunting, fishing, gathering great Christmas gifts, and spending quality time with family and friends. The best way to experience all that Santa Claus village has to offer is to rent skates and go on a toboggan ride, go snowshoeing on a hill behind the castle and go tubing on Lake Washington.

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When should I book a hotel?

You can book the hotel directly after reaching your destination. But, we recommend booking it online before 10-15days to avoid any problems.

Do I need a Visa / Passport to travel?

If you are traveling abroad then, Yes. Passport/visa is compulsory

What to do if I miss my plane/ train?

You can contact the counter asking about the next plane/train so you can travel. We recommend reaching the destination 1 hour before to don’t miss your flight/train.

Will I get Travel Insurance?

If you have done any kind of insurance as per their terms & conditions you’ll get travel insurance

For how many days should I plan the trip?

You can plan your trip as many days as you want to. But, we recommend planning for at least 7 – 10 days to enjoy the vacation joyfully. 


Ever since the beginning of time, one of the most discussed events in the history of mankind is undoubtedly been Christmas. One of the most special parts of this holiday is the vacation that comes with it: Christmas vacations. 

This article looks at a few of the best Christmas vacations for families, as well as where to find them and how to plan for them. We hope our article is helpful to plan your family vacation for Christmas. 

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