Things You Should Know While Traveling with Your Pet

Whiletraveling With Your Pet

Pets have become an integral part of our families. We treat them just like one of our own family members. We love to care for them and build healthy relationships with them. But as much as we love them, traveling with them can prove to be a very tricky situation. We can’t imagine a vacation without our pets. Below are some very important things you should understand before taking your pet on a long travel route.

Make your pet used to the idea of going in a car

First and foremost make sure your pet is used to the idea of going in a car and is desensitized to all the traffic noise and the motion. Otherwise, the road trip is not going to be very fun for you and your pet. If your pet has never traveled a long route in a car then start off by taking a slow and short trip inside your city a day before actually going on the trip. This way your pet will get used to traveling and as an owner, you will also have some idea of what to expect while traveling with your pet.

Packing for pets

Here are 5 things you should pack before traveling with your pet:

  • Water and Bowl: You got to keep your pet hydrated especially in the summer months. Always carry around a couple of filled bottles if possible and make sure you have access to refill them when needed. Alongside water, carry a small pet bowl to pour water or have food in there. You can find them online or in any pet shop. With these bowls, you will be able to keep your pet hydrated and feed them to keep their bellies full.
  • Treats and snacks: Even we humans can get a little hungry on the road which is why we always take road trip snacks or we make a stop along the way. Just like us pets also get pretty hungry along the way. So, take some snacks and treats for them. 
  • Poo bags: Nobody likes to step on poo. It’s the worst realization one can feel when one steps on it. Keep a poo bag with yourself while traveling to keep the journey clean for you and your pet.
  • Harness/collar/leash: If you are a dog owner, it’s nice for your dog to be able to roam freely but there are times when they need to be leashed like in public areas or heritage sites. So, make sure you carry around a leash with yourself while traveling.
  • Bed/blanket: Pets want to get as much comfortable as they possibly can especially while traveling. It’s nice to give them a blanket or a bed. If you are traveling in winter then packing a blanket is a must as you don’t want your pet to get cold.

Traveling in hot weather

Taking your pet on a vacation in summer times can be challenging for your pet. It is necessary to keep some important tips in mind before traveling. 

  • Morning and evening times are the coolest times of the day. If you are planning to go for a long route then these are the best times to start your journey. 
  • Keep your car’s temperature at a point where it is cool enough. 
  • Keep a regular check on your pet. Stop for a while and let them cool and calm down when they start to respire heavily or look warmly. 
  • Don’t leave your pet alone. Try to stay in the shade and keep your car and your animal cooler, by using towels or sun shades through the windows, to block direct sunlight. Open the windows on the shady side, or add the air conditioning to keep you both cool, if you are waiting with your animal in your car.
  • Use a lot of water.

Always use a pet carrier

Whether you and your pet are traveling together in the whole world, or just needing a way to take him to a veterinarian, a dog carrier provides you with a useful addition: it keeps him safe during your drives and allows you to take him by air. 

Restrain your pet while traveling

If they hop around the car while you’re driving, it’s not safe for you or your dog. You must concentrate on driving, and if you are excited or afraid your dog can distract you. Airbags are great for you, but if you have an accident in front of your pet they can kill you. Pets should be in the back seat for this reason.

Lastly, carry with you the important papers of your pet. In addition to evidence of rabies vaccination, if you travel across national or international borders, you may need a health certificate.

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