Travel Safely In The Vehicle – 12 Tips

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Safe driving is ensured by the prudentness of the driver behind the wheel. The use of an appropriate speed, the respect of the safety distance, or anticipating events is key aspects to travel safely in the vehicle.

In this sense, it is essential the attention that the driver puts on the road since he can not effectively attend to many stimuli at once. Therefore, you should avoid smoking, talking on the phone, eating, or drinking while behind the wheel.

1. Passive safety elements always acquire fundamental importance: 

The seat belt must be used in our own interest, also circulating in the city. It must be adjusted correctly and without slack.

2. Try not to drive either after a copious meal.

3. Regular drug users: 

They should know if they can alter their ability to drive. People with illnesses or disorders that may impair their ability to drive should consult with their doctor about whether or not to continue driving.

4. If they have to stop: 

You will never do it on the roadway, because of the risk of collision. An attempt will be made to remove the vehicle from the roadway or park it in an appropriate area. Pregnant women: they must always wear a seat belt.

5. Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs: 

Alcohol consumption is probably the most important risk factor since in countries such as Spain it is present in four out of ten deaths due to traffic accidents.

6. A good planning of the long-distance trips: 

Decreases the chances of suffering any surprises. Plan trips contemplating the best departure time, possible stops, etc.

7. Before putting on the road: 

It is advisable to check the following aspects: oil levels, brake condition, steering alignment, condition of shock absorbers, windscreen wipers, condition of lights, battery, tire pressure and condition, seat belts and anchors, and exhaust pipe.

8. It is advisable to stop every two hours 

Or at the slightest symptom of tiredness.

9. Avoid traveling if you have not rested enough: 

Since fatigue decreases the field of vision, it lengthens reaction times and hinders psychomotor coordination and muscle capacity.

10. Always carry in your vehicle the documentation in order: 

A set of replacement light bulbs, two warning triangles and reflective vest, basic toolset and cat, chains in winter, sunglasses and a replacement of prescription glasses if needed, and a mobile phone.

11. In the case of traveling with children: 

They have a lower capacity to “endure” on long-distance trips so it is convenient for an adult to travel with children in the back seat in order to meet their needs and avoid distractions. In addition, all kinds of precautions must be taken even more.

12. It is advisable to bring CDs of songs or stories, 

Teaching them that they should not disturb the person driving or get out of the car until an adult gives the indication. To travel safely in the vehicle, you have to encourage them to recognize license plates, road signs, advertisements, so that they do not get bored.

Other aspects to take into account are:

– They must travel in approved restraints adapted to their size and weight: 

These devices are essential for the safety of the child considering their mobility.

 – They must use the car’s own restraint systems 

– Use the security locks on doors and windows

– You should never leave them alone in the car

– It is advisable that you always go down the door closest to the sidewalk and wait for the indication of an adult 

– Avoid turning to fight them or give them any object

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