What to Bring on a Mountain Trip? – Get Ready for Hiking

Mountain Road Trip

Whether you are planning for a getaway to the mountain on the weekend or holiday season, there are specific necessities you cannot leave behind. A mountain trip is one of the best escape routes from noisy urban life; however, it is more relaxed and colder compared to the lower altitudes in the city. 

On your mountain trip, you will need some individual gears and warm clothing, especially if you are planning to stay there for some days. This is where planning ahead and carefully becomes essential.

The worst situation that no one should be in is finding themselves trapped in the cold and freezing mountains without certain gears. That’s why we have decided to take you through the critical things you should bring on a mountain hike. 

Whether it is the first time you are going on a mountain trip, or you are ford of forgetting things, don’t make a mistake of ignoring the following items in your backpack:

1. A Trek map and camping tent

2. A water bottle

3. Some Food

4. A flashlight

5. Hiking boots

6. Sunscreen and cap

7. Medical Kit 

8. Hand sanitizer

9. Trek clothing

10. Others like camera, hiking pole, heaters

The above essentials will make your mountain trip enjoyable and memorable. Let’s look at each one of them.

1. A Trek Map and Camping Tent

Although you may be having your smartphone and using Google maps to navigate, it is always advisable that you carry a physical trek map. What if the smartphone locks? It means you will be lost. So why not just have a map showing you the route you are following?

Another essential item is a tent. This is crucial if you are going to spend some nights on the mountain. However, if you are going for a day, there is no need for a camping tent. Choose the best tent that matches your needs and preferences in your hike.

2. A water bottle

A water bottle is perhaps one of the things that many hikers don’t forget. It is one of the most precious things and a savior in your mountain hikes. Sipping water frequently when hiking keeps your body hydrated always. Make sure your water bottle is sturdy that it is not leaking, nor can it break easily in case of falls.

3. Some Food

You will get hungry as you climb the mountain. Your body is using many calories, and eventually, you end up losing energy faster. Carry some items like nuts, chocolates, fruits, energy bars, and energy drinks. 

You notice that they take less space in your backpack, don’t spoil quickly, and are light to carry. However, if you are going to spend some days on the mountain, you may need to bring some real food with you.

4. A flashlight 

This is an essential tool that you should not miss in your bag. Sometimes you will be in darkness, and you need to trace your way to the camp, you will need a flashlight or a torch at night. Even in your camping camp, you need to have a flashlight.

5. Hiking boots

These boots should display a high level of quality, protection, lightweight, and comfort else; you will end up having blisters in your toes. You should save to buy a waterproof and sturdy hiking boot. You may carry other different types of shoes if you are going to spend longer in the mountains.

6. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and cap

Sometimes it will be sunny, and the mosquitoes will be many on the mountain. As long as you are taking good food and water, you need to protect your skin with sunscreen to avoid sunburns and mosquito bites. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from harsh sun rays while a cap will be helpful on a rainy or sunny day. 

7. Medical Kit 

The unexpected may happen, and one of your colleagues get hurt. With a medical kit having bandages, painkillers, and other pharmaceutical drugs can be of great help. 

8. Hand sanitizer

This will help in killing germs before eating. You may not have enough water to waste in cleaning your hands, but a hand sanitizer will be great in reducing the chances of getting sick. 

9. A Trek Pant

Similarly to having great hiking boots, you will need a pair of trekking pants, especially if you spend most of your time walking. Ensure that it is comfortable, light, quick-drying, and breathable.

10. Others like camera, hiking pole, heaters

To keep memories, you may need to carry a camera or smartphone and its power bank. A hiking pole will help you to navigate steep slopes easily while a heater will keep you warm in your camp. 


Of course, every novice hiker going for a mountain trip for the first time will get excited to the extent of forgetting some crucial things in their preparations; nevertheless, with years, you will become composed as you get used to the trips. 

Besides the above necessities, you should always check at the weather forecast. Avoid mountain hiking when it is rainy or icy. Still, remember to travel light, avoid overpacking.

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